2017 Matching Funds Campaign - Chabad of Windsor Terrace
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2017 Matching Funds Campaign
Every Dollar Donated is Doubled!
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Goal:  $48,000

$48,000 in 48 Hours 
For the next 48 hours, Thanks to Herbert Chaves, Alan Perlowitz, Tom Rosenfeld and Marissa Sidel every single dollar donated to Chabad of Windsor Terrace will be doubled until we reach our goal of $48,000.

Please donate now and share the opportunity to impact our community! 

Chabad of Windsor Terrace Inc. is a 501(c)3 tax-exempt organization. 

CWT is proud to have been servicing our community since 2008. Our mandate has always been to enhance the quality of Jewish life for the Windsor Terrace neighborhood residents, regardless of affiliation, Jewish background or level of observance.

CWT is a "boutique style" community center with a focus on personal development of one's connection with fellow man, and, G-d. We aim to assist each individual in cultivating a respect and care for mankind together with love and reverence for Al-mighty G-d.

Rabbi Moshe and Mushky Hecht run the Chabad Center as home with an open door. The warm and welcoming atmosphere makes it your address for Jewish discovery and everything Jewish.

We take pride in our personal approach to Jewish discovery. Join us for one of our classes or educational seminars. Participate in our Shabbat Dinners and Shabbatons. Enjoy our holiday parties and exciting events.

To enable CWT to provide these vital services, and expand our impact, we have set a goal to raise $48,000 in the next 48 hours.

We Thank Our Recent Partners
Sruli Richler
Avi Dachs Dachs
In memory of Jordan Bergman and Theodora Dachs.
Alexander Kaushansky
Jeff Mann
samantha and matt leader/shapiro
Eric Mann