What is Six Minute Rabbi? 


Six Minute Rabbi is a revolutionary approach to Jewish learning and discovery. The program creates and promotes audio, video and web learning materials that are brief, interesting and easy to understand. The objective of Six Minute Rabbi is to offer a meaningful Jewish learning experience that can be enjoyed without compromising a busy schedule.

Why the Six Minute Rabbi?

There is a renewed interest in Jewish tradition in communities all around the world. However, because many in today’s Jewish community lack the background and skills, the opportunity to learn many of the essential texts and concepts of Jewish ideology has become limited in many respects.

Today, attending Jewish learning classes at a synagogue or community center can produce a major conflict with work and home life, leaving many second-guessing whether or not they can budget the time to taking on a class is worthwhile. As a result, many potential students forego learning opportunities that are too burdensome on their schedules.

When opportunities for learning do arise, they are generally in presentations that last a hour or more. Even though a presentation may be interesting and informative, it’s often difficult to process and retain most of the information given over. Scientific studies have shown that the attentiveness of the average adult is optimal in spans of approximately six minutes.

The Next Level of Jewish Education

Six Minute Rabbi is designed to provide a clear solution to today’s Jewish learning conundrum – how to bring meaningful learning to busy people. The program promotes educational experiences that have a duration of just minutes.

Six Minute Rabbi researches and designs special curriculums which impart essential Jewish concepts in a series of brief but powerful lessons. Because the lessons are so concise, they can be fully enjoyed and internalized during a lunch break, a commute or any time of day without upsetting compromising a busy agenda.

Video and audio lessons are constantly being produced for the Six Minute Rabbi website and podcasts. Face-to-face study with a specially trained Six Minute Rabbi is available for those looking for a deeper commitment.

No More Excuses!

Easy and meaningful Jewish learning has been out of reach to the greater Jewish community for too long – but no more! Six Minute Rabbi brings together the right combination of technology, content and commitment to make quality Jewish education available anywhere. Men and women with a desire to learn and a few minutes to spare.

To sign up email: [email protected]