Yizkor, the special memorial prayer said on the last day of Passover, is meant to be recited in a synagogue with the community and a Torah scroll. However, this year, due to COVID-19, that is impossible and therefore it may be said from home.


1. After reciting the morning (Shacharis) prayers, take a moment to meditate and spiritually and emotionally connect with the loved ones in your life who are now in Heaven.

2. Identify which of the below passages are appropriate for you (depending on whether you are reciting it for a father, mother, etc.). Then recite the text. 

3. If you wish, you can say the Kel Malei Rachamim prayer, which appears toward the end of the booklet. 

4. Then we recite the Av harachamim prayer, wherein we ask G‑d to remember the countless martyrs—individuals and entire communities—who lovingly gave their lives to sanctify G‑d’s name. 
5. Take another moment to contemplate your connection with your loved ones and the immense gratification they are feeling at this moment—for you are lovingly remembering them and pledging to tzedakah in their behalf. Bask in the newly strengthened relationship! 
6. Remember after the holiday (on Thursday night after nightfall) to make good on your charity pledge!

Below, please find the complete Yizkor prayers. Before the holiday begins, print the section(s) that are relevant to you so that you may recite Yizkor in the proper  way.

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